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Joseph Haydn

Piano Trio No. 44 in E major, Hob.XV:17

  1. Allegro moderato

  2. Allegretto

  3. Finale: Allegro

Enrique Granados

Piano Trio in C major, Op. 50

  1. Poco allegro con espressione

  2. Scherzetto

  3. Duetto: Andante con molto espressione

  4. Finale: Allegro molto


Johannes Brahms

Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor, Op. 101

  1. Allegro energico

  2. Presto non assai

  3. Andante grazioso

  4. Allegro molto


about this program

Balancing the extremes of light and dark, this program brings together two paragons of the piano trio repertoire, Joseph Haydn and Johannes Brahms, with the little-known piano trio by Enrique Granados — a masterpiece left languishing and unpublished for more than 80 years after its premiere.

Each piece in this program showcases the full expressive range of the piano trio, swinging unpredictably between moments of hilarity and genuine tragedy.

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